Ask Jim and Dawn …

Ask Jim and Dawn …

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{Amy} Hi Jim. I noticed on your website that you carry the SmartStrand Silk product from Mohawk. Some of my friends have this in their homes and rave about it. Can you tell me what is so special about this product?

{Jim} I’m glad you asked about SmartStrand Silk, Amy. It is one of our featured products because of its unique combination of softness and durability. What your friends have likely realized with their installs of the product is that SmartStrand Silk is the only carpet that has permanent, built-in stain protection. Customers rave about how easy it is to clean up spills and stains without any sign that a spill had even occurred. The reason SmartStrand Silk is so durable is because of the unique technology that Mohawk has developed. I’m sure not a technical guy but this is how Mohawk explains it. This breakthrough in soft carpet can only be achieved with SmartStrand Silk due to the “elastic recovery” naturally built into the fibers. This inherent bounce back means SmartStrand resists and deflects crushing at a level of softness well beyond in polyester or nylon.

{Amy} That’s really great information, Jim, and it sounds like SmartStrand Silk will save me a lot of time and worry about getting stains on the carpet. I’m wondering, though, since it is called SmartStrand SILK – does that mean it is soft?

{Jim} Oh, no worries about softness. You are right that the name does mean that the carpet is incredibly soft. The technology I just mentioned is also the reason the carpet is so soft while still being able stand up to traffic. Independent testing has shown that SmartStrand Silk lasts 3x longer than other carpets.

As a flooring store owner we love the product because our customers are always satisfied with the results. We have a large selection of SmartStrand Silk in our showroom so you can find exactly what best fits your home.

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